Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Alcohol Ban For Footie Fans in Rome..

In less than five hours time, football fans around the globe are set to witness the biggest showdown Europe had to offered in Rome. The much eagerly awaited Champion League Final will feature present England's most decorated club, Manchester United and Spanish's powerhouse Barcelona.

United whose are vying for their 4th silverware this season, surely need something extra special to stop Messi and company if they really want the trophy to stay in England. While for the Catalan giants, beating United in the final will be considered as revenge is done for their semi-final lost last year.

All eyes will be on Rome, a city of culture renowned for its historic background, where the finale are about to be held. Rome's police expected more about 30,000 of United's fan and 20,000 of Barca's fan to make their way to Stadio de Olimpico.

So, in order to restrain any football hooliganism ahead of the final clash, Rome's authorities enforce two days ban of the alcohol for every ticket holder.

Bars, restaurant and shops owners are advised not to sell alcohol to anyone who is already drunk and if there any breach of law, action will be taken immediately. Even glass container of any sort are banned near the stadium.More and more authorities from big city all around the world realize the good effect of banning the alcohol.

In Islam, liquor or alcohol are banned and prohibited. Even stern punishment awaits for those who drinks it. Let us examine the Quranic verses that are supposed the ban of the alcoholic drinks.

Quran 2:219 "They ask you concerning alcoholic drinks and Games of Chance, Say: In them are harm and good for men, but their harm exceeds their good effects"

Quran 5:90 "O ye who believe! intoxicants and gambling, (dedication of) and (divination by) arrows are abomination- Satan's handwork : so avoid it that may you prosper.

Two Quranic verses above, stand as a clear reminder that alcoholic drinks did not bring any good for us. Individual under the influence of alcohol mostly, may led him to unruly destructive behavior such as brawl, vandalism and intimidation. Because of that, liquor or alcoholic drinks are prohibited in Islam and non-muslims slowly realize the dark side of alcohol.

United's fan engaging war of words with the Rome's authorities.

Wallahu a'lam

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Perak Crisis: An Impasse That Yet To Find Its Way Out..

The political turbulence in Perak has take another turn as The Court of Appeal granted DS Zambry Abd Kadir a stay of execution which is mean that DS Nizar has to wait until the Court of Appeal hears the appeal before he can perform his functions as MB again.

Barely 19-hours earlier, The High Court seems to be to end Perak's political drama by reinstating DS Nizar Jamaludin as the legitimate Menteri Besar of Perak.

Amid the jovial mood of Pakatan Rakyat's supporters celebrating the decision made by Justice Abd Aziz Abd Rahim, Barisan Nasional's camp were planning yet another twist to turn things around in favour them.

And it proved that the joy were shortlived for the Pakatan's supporter when judge Dato' Ramly Ali granted DS Zamry a stay order pending Nizar to claim himself as the lawful MB for Perak.

And Nizar who is reported for duty at 7.25 a.m today had to vacate the office by 2.oo p.m with immediate effect as being instructed by UMNO's lawyer Dato' Hafarizam Harun.

So, the drama that started on February the fifth is heading for yet another stalemate and the silver state of Perak is in limbo yet again. It's almost three months and the people of Perak still waiting for a legitimate goverment to serve them.

No doubt that this impasse need to be wrapped it up quickly as the world is watching our democracy system being demonstrated in such unusual way. But, the question is how??

According to the law experts, there are only three institutions in the country hold the power to bury the saga legally.

i) The Assembly - Vote of No Confidence for Nizar.
ii) The Court -Rightful Menteri Besar to be decided in court.
iii) The Ruler - Grant consent for fresh elections.

i) 1st option - The Assembly . The only realistic approach for BN representatives to strip down Nizar's status as the Menteri Besar as being guided by the High Court. But who holds the power to convene an emergency sitting?

Did Ganeson, the newly appointed speaker has the the power to call for the sitting ? Even he able to do so, calling for an emergency sitting, will the Pakatan's lawmaker present as they didn't acknowledge the appointment of Ganeson as Speaker. According to them, V.Sivakumar is still the lawful speaker and matter will become more complicated.

Update 14/5/09 - This could be more amusing and laughable. Former BN's chieftain, Dr Mahathir Mohamad, during his press conference today suggested that there are two possible solutions over Perak crisis. Table vote of no confidence against Nizar or calling for fresh elections.

How to pass the motion if Zambry is the MB right now???
If BN so crave in doing so, the MB ship need to handed over to Nizar so the motion can be done in the Assembly . And he also stated that snap election is just a waste of time and money, morever Pakatan Rakyat hold the advantage of winning the election with even bigger majority.

ii) Option no.2 - The Court. A veteran Umno leader, Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah wrote in his blog quoting that the Perak Crisis cannot be solved by a court of law because it is at heart a political rather than constitutional problem.

And the prove is, for the past two days, the people of Malaysia had witnessed a circus act performed by court of law, granting two contrast decision in space of only 19 hours, resulting Nizar and his excos were only allowed to operate within that duration of time. Then, a day after , DS Zambry returned to the office and carry out duty as Perak's Menteri Besar . More headache for rakyat to think about.

ii) 3rd option - The Ruler (Sultan Of Perak) . Of the three choices, which one seems to be more rational and fit to the principle of democracy that we uphold? The answer is simple. We need to give back the mandate to the rakyat and lets them decide through the ballot box. The ball is now on the Sultan's court and it's the right moment for him to redeem himself as honourable Sultan by granting consent to dissolve the assembly.

It was the rakyat who is responsible in materializing any legitimate goverment in Assembly and why not we go down to the very basic principle of democracy, calling for fresh elections and kill off the game once and for all.